5 Tips For A Greener Home Renovation

14 Oct

Approximately 75% of homeowners in Canada have renovated or remodeled some aspect of their homes. While this practice is an excellent way to get more use and enjoyment out of your house, it can also become wasteful. Follow these 5 tips to ensure a greener home renovation. 1. Choose Sustainable Replacement Materials From kitchen cabinets […]

3 Tips For Running An Environmentally Sustainable Machine Shop

02 Oct

If you run a machine shop, you may be looking for ways to make your business more environmentally sustainable. Protecting the environment and reserving natural resources isn’t just something that you do at home on your off time. It needs to be something that you do all of the time. Plus, running an environmentally sustainable […]

Don’t Blow Your Top! A Brief History Of Pressure Vessels

01 Oct

If you’ve ever been scuba diving or you have ridden in a submarine, you might have heard of a pressure vessel. Basically, these vessels are tanks that are designed to hold certain types of gas or liquid at a specific pressure that is different from the outside pressure. While scuba diving might not seem like […]

Making A Concrete Decision: Hydrostatic Transmissions In Concrete Mixers And Their Benefits

11 Sep

Hydrostatic transmissions are commonly chosen for heavy mobile machinery, and particularly for concrete mixers. Standard concrete mixers come in a variety of designs and styles with a wet output ranging from 2 to 8 cubic meters. This allows them to accommodate the requirements of just about any project. Regardless of the type of concrete mixers that are […]

Volunteer Fire Departments: Optimizing Equipment To Meet The Needs Of Rural Families

10 Sep

The dream of a rural lifestyle can be a compelling reason to leave the city far behind. For some people, however, this dream can become a nightmare, due to having fewer options for emergency services, such as fire and ambulance. In many areas of Canada, volunteer fire departments have stepped in to help fill this […]